"Andrea is an excellent GAPS Practitioner with lots of experience and a very kind heart. She has put a lot of study into the concept of Gut and Psychology / Gut and Physiology Syndrome and is in a good position to help people with many physical and mental problems. I warmly recommend her work."

-Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, the creator of the GAPS concept.


"Andie is a considerate and passionate GAPS Practitioner. She cares about her clients and is continually expanding her learning so as to better help them with their healing journey. Her experience of leading herself and her family through GAPS gives her a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of the process and how it can affect the lives of her clients. If you are fortunate enough to be able to work with her, I would recommend doing it!"

-Amy Mahily, Nurse Practitioner, Certified GAPS Practitioner, bewellclinic.net


"Working with Andie Choate has been transformational for myself and my family! I have cleared up a number of personal health issues, including severe allergies and hand tremors! Her knowledge and background of nutrition and the GAPS approach is surely the missing link for an inestimable number of chronic health complaints."

-Dr. Spencer Wade, Integrity Chiropractic and Wellness


"Meeting Andie and being introduced to GAPS was a profound blessing in my life. Andie’s support through the GAPS diet, both with her knowledge and her uplifting positive encouragement, has given me a new lease on life. The GAPS diet along with other helpful modalities has helped me come from a place of hopeless health issues to having more energy, a miraculous improvement in my mental and physical health, and being able to return to school, part-time work, and managing more in my daily life. I couldn’t have done it without Andie."

-Julie Hurst, former client 


When we first began the gaps diet four years ago Andie came into our home and spent several hours going over the health history of myself, my husband, and each of our 6 children. She was extremely thorough, caring, and sincerely interested in our needs.  She seemed to put her whole heart and mind into creating a careful individualized plan for each one of us. The various ailments of our combined family members included the following:

Major mineral deficiencies such as tooth decay, warts, herpes, rigid fingernails 
Food allergies
Animal allergies
Stomach aches from grains
Early signs of thyroid failure
Bloating, gas, and stomach pain
Menstruation problems
Skin Rashes from several foods
Autistic symptoms such as:
Night terrors
Bed wetting
Major tantrums
Food texture problems
Sugar and starch cravings
OCD tendencies and rituals
ADHD tendencies
Low serotonin
Low melatonin
Speech impairment

I am so happy to report that 19/22 of these symptoms are completely gone and the other three have shown great improvement. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Andie these four years. Her attention to detail is astounding, her knowledge base is unbelievable, and her unique ability to put it all together, solve mysterious symptom puzzles, and then articulate it all in a way that we can understand and work with is truly miraculous.
Beyond this, her sincere caring heart has touched each one of us. My children adore her. Each one knows that she loves them and cares about them and whenever I give out health advice that they aren’t sure they trust, they reply with, “Have you called Andie?”  I will be forever grateful that we found her.

-Keri Tibbets 
Burley Idaho

Andie is a miracle worker. The first time she came into our home she pegged every symptom we were having with perfect accuracy. She crafted for us a diet and regiment to start the healing. Within weeks psoriasis was gone, allergies were at bay, and autistic ticks were on the wane. She has a gift and I highly recommend her to anyone in need.

-Brian Tibbets
Burley Idaho


"Working with Andrea was life-changing for our entire family. I  highly recommend her to everyone! She is so clear on how to use the GAPS diet and how to take it one step at a time. Andrea has years of experience and was there for us when I thought we wouldn't make it. She was a HUGE factor in our healing and changing our lifestyle, we have learned amazing things from her. I am so happy we had Andrea with us as we did the GAPS diet!" 

-Stephanie H., former client


"I am so grateful for her knowledge and what she did for me. I'll always firmly believe that what GAPS does and what Andie did made a huge impact on me getting well when everything else failed. On top of being so knowledgeable and understanding to what my body needed, she was caring and compassionate, and always there to answer my questions."

-Laurie Goulding, former client


"Andie has been a huge blessing to my life. Through her classes and personal consultations I understand more completely the important connection between proper gut flora and overall immune system health. She is a wonderful resource concerning all things related to the digestive system. The healing effects of the GAPS diet have improved the overall health of my mother-in-law who has suffered the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  My thirteen year old daughter who suffered from lower abdominal pain and blood in her stool has also greatly benefited. I feel very fortunate to know such a brilliant and helpful GAPS practitioner. Andie is a powerful resource for every family."

-Anonymous former client


"Andrea has the perfect combination of medical knowledge and holistic healing techniques to truly heal people from the inside out. With a vast array of experience as an RN and GAPS practitioner, she possess the skills necessary to heal the bodies that doctors have either given up on or have no idea how to truly make well. She has the capacity to teach others and support them in their journey to living a healthy pain-free life. Is it easy to make such changes? No. Is it worth it? Yes! I have witnessed many of her patients, some who have been given only a few years to live, take control of their health and thrive. Illnesses that were once a plague vanish like magic. She gives those people a second chance to take control of their health and finally be whole."   

-Kymberlee Lawrence, client 


"Andrea is so compassionate! After struggling with an autoimmune disease for 2 years and seeing doctor after doctor with no answers, she was a breath of fresh air! She really listened as I expressed my struggles, put me at ease, and has been there to support and reassure me every step of the way through my GAPS journey. She is a wealth of knowledge and I love that she understands and explains all the science and reasons for all the protocols. Within weeks my symptoms where noticeably better and I’m feeling better then I have in a very long time!"

-Conna Ripplinger, client