About Us


I am the wife of a very supportive (and handsome!) husband and am called "Mama" to five littler people that look like us. I like to garden, play with my kids, and read.

My time in the kitchen began as a young adult working in food service...Wendy's to be specific! Graduating from the Weber State University Nursing Program and then from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, I promised myself I would never work in food service- ever again! I then worked at the hospital for 7 years as a nurse and for 2 years as a Telephone Triage Nurse. After a determined quest for real health for myself and my children, I have now found myself right back in the kitchen where I began!

I have been a certified "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" Practitioner (A.K.A. GAPS Practitioner) for 4 years and have been very successful in helping clients heal themselves from digestive, autoimmune, and psychological illness with the implementation of the GAPS dietary program and appropriate supplementation. Busy perfecting the art of gourmet foods and ferments that nourish the soul, I most certainly agree with Hippocrates of old when he said "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."